Signature Story Summit

3 Day Workshop Impactful Public Speaking

  • The workshop is 3 Day Exclusive Training

  • Highly Interactive, Fun, Lively and Entertaining!

  • It has been called

    “One of the Best Networking Events in the City”

Unlock the Power of Your Story

A Masterclass for Senior Executives and Influencers

  • Discovering your unique life experiences that resonate with your audience.

  • Defining your core message and values.

  • Understanding the impact of storytelling on connecting with your audience.

  • Identifying different types of stories and their relevance on stage.

  • Strategies for audience engagement and interaction.

  • Crafting a compelling personal story that engages and inspires.

  • Creating a memorable signature story that sets you apart.

  • Leveraging your personal story to build a strong personal brand.

  • Techniques to conquer stage fright and exude confidence.

  • Collaborative exercises to enhance your onstage presence.

  • The art of effective body language and vocal modulation.

  • Hands-on practice sessions to refine your storytelling and stage presence.

  • Constructive feedback and guidance from experienced coaches and writers.

Meet Your Trainers

Mary Gardner - Charisma Coach

Mary Gardner is a luminary in the realm of public speaking and thought leadership, distinguished for her role as a renowned celebrity agent representing top speakers globally. Specializing in the transformation of individuals into thought leaders, she excels in assisting clients in building businesses around their unique stories and challenges. Mary's expertise extends to crafting compelling narratives that deeply resonate with audiences, fostering impactful connections that transcend the stage. Beyond her role as a celebrity agent, she brings a wealth of experience as a former publicist, amplifying the voices of those poised to make a significant impact through their words.

Jani Moon - Media Coach

Jani Moon is a distinguished coach specializing in the transformation of media personalities, celebrities, authors, life coaches, and business leaders into highly sought-after star talent. With her guidance, individuals overcome fears and limitations, dismantling self-created barriers. Jani empowers her clients to communicate authentically and powerfully, aligning their voice with their brand and mission.


Dr. Paul Entler

Chief Medical Officer

"As an executive. It's always hard when you're looking at investments. And this, for me was the probably one of the greatest investments in my life that I've made thus far. "

Dr. Scott Ellner

CEO/Traume Surgeon

"Coming into this weekend, I really thought that I was going to learn how to be a better storyteller. But really, what I learned is that I have the ability to actually inspire people to change and modify their behavior. "

Kimberly Hodgkinson

Healthcare Executive

"The biggest takeaway is to make sure that there's value in what I'm saying to both myself and to the audience that I have. And that the message really, really inspires."

Gary Reasons

2x Super Bowl Champion

"This has been a great weekend here at the StoryCraft Summit. Mary Gardner has done a nice job of putting together what really is something impactful and meeting that I need. And one word I would describe this weekend as successful."

Dr. Stacie Pinderhughes

Chief Medical Officer

" I met Mary, over a year ago, she was kind of on me and talking to me about doing this and I didn't. And I'm so glad that I'm doing it Now!"

Wes Webb

Bilateral Amputee, @nofeetnoproblem

"So Mary's been awesome. From day one, she's super enthusiastic. I don't think I've ever seen her not have a smile on her face. And it's infectious. It makes everyone in the room want to participate and be in that same general mood."